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Aurora Borealis is Canada’s best superhero. She harnesses the powers of the Northern Lights to do everything from taking out maple syrup thieves dressed in hockey gear to preserving Natural Resources and her nation’s cultural identity from high-level political villains. Things are going swimmingly for her in the Great White North, until she is invited to become something more.


The Eagle (The United States’ best superhero), shows up in Canada one day to recruit Aurora to The Unity League - which is only the greatest superhero team in the known universe. Each nation is represented on The Unity League and, like Aurora, their unique power sets reflect their respective national identity. Since the death of Canada’s previous representative (Ed Fitzgerald, who possessed impressive water powers), there’s been a power vacuum. The Eagle was placed in charge of training Fitzgerald’s replacement. Who wouldn’t want to go train under a big, strong, scary, American stranger, right?

Aurora & The Eagle #1

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